Beefeater Pink Gin 70cl

Beefeater Pink Gin

Beefeater Pink adds a new and bold pink face to the brand's product range and appears as a punky hommage of London's underground club culture. From the bottle label, inspired by the typical concert poster, up to a graffiti on the glass bottle and the gin's neon pink colour as a reminder of the city's underground clubs - everything resembles the urban, rebel and restless London. Smooth, intense and pink, Beefeater Pink is a unique fusion of strawberries, citrus and dill, created for those who seek new experi

  • Type: Gin Flavoured
  • Country: England
  • Brand name: Beefeater Pink
  • Bottle size: 70cl
  • Code: 36006
  • Abv: 37.5%