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Innovation in the Wine World

Sky News Reports on our Virtual Wine Tasting.JPG

The world is constantly, changing and evolving and as a business we want to move with it. The story behind our exciting venture in the world of virtual reality is simple, we wanted to excite our customers, and inspire them with something that in all likelihood they had never experienced. At Matthew Clark, the experience is integral to who we are and how we operate as a business, right through from placing your order, to delivery day and all the support we offer in-between.

Our tasting events are no different and earlier this year at our flagship wine tasting and regional Uncovered events, we decided to launch our very own virtual vineyard tasting. The experiment allowed our customers to be transported to a fully immersive 360° vineyard environment. We then asked participants to taste through a selection of our wines, using tasting notes and cues from the environment to try and correctly match the wine tasted to the wine bottles in the winery and vineyard. It was great fun, and our customers loved it. Sky also loved, it. So much so, that they wanted to try it out for themselves and include it within their ‘Wine Industry Innovation’ feature.

We invited them over to a lovely customer of ours, The Weir in Brentford, London, where we took them through the virtual wine tasting experience. The clip featured on Sky News at the weekend, so in case you missed it, we’ve included the clip below.

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