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Our new Gin brochure has arrived!

Gin Borchure Volume 2 Juniper Berries.JPG

It's not just dark history and bright botanicals, it's the infusion of flavour and imagination in every serve ....

The fortunes of gin continue to rise. Never before has there been so much interest and innovation in the category, or as many knowledgeable, adventurous consumers. All of this is reflected by unprecedented On-Trade volume growth of 17% year upon year*.

This surge in the popularity of gin is matched by a huge level of innovation, with new gin brands being launched, seemingly, every day. 

With this is mind, we recently reviewed over 80 new gins before deciding which best complimented our existing range, ensuring that we continue to offer you and your customers a dynamic range full of versatility and interest. 

Did you know nearly one in every two gin serves is premium?* We really hope this brochure and our new range helps you to choose and advertise your range to maximise the potential of this most exciting category!

So delve into the pages of our second edition, whilst you work your way through the dark history of gin understanding how it came to have such a presence in today's market. Consider the range you offer your customers with pages bursting with style and innovation right through to the classics. Learn about the bright botanicals which have been carefully selected to give each gin a different twist. Finally, uncover the wealth of of opportunity at your fingertips with this versatile spirit, with so much more than a tonic at your finger tips, why not experiment ...?

Click here for the brochure.

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