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Tequila Trends

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For years now the industry has been quietly and confidently talking about the potential of tequila and lauding it as the next big thing. Whilst in recent years our attention has been drawn towards gin, tequila has quietly and steadily claimed more of the limelight all of this is reflected fantastic sales growth here at Matthew Clark of over 20%.

Tequila is historically associated with shots, but all of this is changing. The penny has dropped and British consumers are rapidly falling in love with all the category has to offer: provenance; craft; sustainability; versatility and depth of flavour all of which play into current trends. As consumers become more knowledgeable they are increasingly trying more premium and niche products either mixed or neat, therefore we will continue to see the growth of 100% agave, sipping tequila and mezcals.

Not a widely known fact but tequila actually sells more in the UK On-Trade than malt whisky or flavoured vodka and as outlets are realising its potential it is starting to get the prominence on the back bar that it deserves with larger more versatile ranges being stocked. We are seeing an increase in outlets specialising in tequila either as a standalone bar or together with food such as one of our customers Ojo Rojo, a contemporary Mexican street food restaurant and bar in Bournemouth.

The growth in cocktail culture will undoubtedly help bring tequila to many more drinking repertoires and the Margarita is the sixth most popular cocktail drank out of the home. There is also a growing interest in other tequila cocktails, for example, the Paloma, El Diablo and our offices’ current favourite El Nino. Creating a twist on a classic is also being used to introduce new consumers to tequila cocktails, for example using mezcal in an Espresso Martini or Old Fashioned and tequila in a Bloody Maria. Equally, tequila shines in simple mixed drinks, and we are seeing the tequila and tonic and pairings with grapefruit soda and rose lemonade growing in popularity.

  • * CGA Mixed Drink Report 2017

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I have worked in the On-Trade for 15 years now, split into two spells and have worked in the Matthew Clark Spirits & RTD's Team for the last 7 years, I can't now imagine working in a different industry.

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