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QR code menus

With concerns around contamination still on everyone’s mind, the days of the reusable menu are over – and this is one area where technology can help you thrive in the ‘new normal’. A more modern approach may hold the answer. Nearly 90% of UK adults aged between 18-65 own smartphones with internet access, opening up doors to a better solution: hosting your menu digitally.

So, how can you do this? The answer is simple: QR codes. All your customers have to do is point their smartphone camera at the code, and click on a pop-up link which will take them to a digitally hosted version of your menu, eliminating the need for hard copies, and keeping things strictly contact-free.

How it works

Consumer sits at table inside or outside

Consumer scans a QR code located on physical POS

Consumer views the menu on their phone

Customer places order with staff as usual



What we offer

You can choose from one of three packs:
i) 20 x A5 or A6 Tent Cards ii) 50 x Round Table Stickers (50mm x 50mm) iii) 10 x A5 or A6 Tent Cards and 20 Round Table Stickers (50mm x 50mm). Tent Cards are laminated to enable wipe clean and table Stickers Removable and able to be wiped.



How to order

If you do not already have a drinks menu to use, please contact your account manager or email our Design Studio team to log a new drinks list request. Once you have a menu uploaded to your website, email our Design Studio team with the unique url of the online menu. The url will be something like this: Provide the information to go onto the Tent Cards or Stickers, this includes what the background should be, the logo to use and the text used to prompt guests. Finally, include the details of which pack you would like to order, i.e 20 x A5 Tent Cards. Need help? If you need further assistance regarding QR codes POS, please get in touch.