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Being COVID-19 secure

The government has published specific guidance for restaurants, pubs, bars and takeaway services. You should review this guidance in full before reopening, and check your progress against the steps provided.

Carry out a risk assessment and share with staff

Enhance cleaning, handwashing and hygiene procedures

Take all reasonable steps to allow homeworking

Take all reasonable steps to maintain a 2m social distance

Do everything practical to manage transmission risk


You can review the guidance in full here. The Health and Safety Executive and local authorities, have been empowered to take a range of actions to ensure compliance. Beyond, the legal implications, taking action, and involving your employees and customers in the process, will put you in a stronger position during your return. Please note that you must now create and display an NHS 'Test and Trace' QR code at your venue.


Carry out a risk assessment

A risk assessment is a three step process to minimising the risk or harm or injury. It involves determining what could cause illness or injury, and then, deciding how likely it is that someone will be harmed and to what extent. Finally, you should produce a list of steps that can be taken to reduce or eliminate the risk. More information can be found on the Health and Safety Executive website and the CIPD have put together an example of what one could look like for the risk of COVID-19 transmission. It's best practice to discuss with your staff the risks as they see them and share with them the results of the risk assessment. The government is asking you publish your risk assessment on your website.


Enhance hygiene procedures

You can find out more about what enhanced hygiene procedures might look like for the on-trade here. In short, you'll need to carry out a good clean of your venue before you open and then implement ongoing enhanced hygiene controls. These enhanced hygiene procedures should be aimed at ensuring regular hand-washing or handsanising for both customers and staff and the regular cleaning of commonly used objects and surfaces. The government has provided some guidance on hygiene within food businesses.


Enabling homeworking

While for the majority of on-trade staff will be unable to work from home, those in roles that can be performed remotely should continue to do so. The public employment body ACAS has put together some advice for employers on homeworking, which includes both practical advice and touches on the legal elements to be aware of. Whether furloughed, working on-site or at home, its important to keep the communication channels open. You could share updates on the work you're carrying out preparing to reopen and pass on any information that may affect them.


Keep the distance

People working in or visiting the on-trade should remain a 2m safe distance from people not in their household. This presents significant challenges for the majority of pubs and bars across the UK that are not designed for such distancing. The government has provided guidance on safe distancing at work. You can find out more about what this might look like for the on-trade here.


Reducing transmission risk

There are a wide range of further measures that on-trade businesses could take to reduce the risk Coronavirus presents. This includes using technology to introduce table service, providing face coverings for employees and guests, and encouraging staff to cycle to work. Specific government guidance for on-trade business can be found here