Wine Expression is our iconic classification of wine styles, designed to segment wines into recognisable styles with which to build a wine list.

You will see the icons above not only on our wine list, brochures and next to our wines on their product pages but on many of our customer's wine lists. The 2011 Wine Intelligence On-Trade Report stated that 44% of customers prefer a wine list arranged ‘by style’ descriptors, 29% ‘by variety’ and only 19% preferred a list arranged ‘by country’. 

Wine Expression is a way of simplifying and highlighting the differences and similarities between wines on a list, this allows your staff and customers to discuss and choose wines with confidence. That isn't just good news for them as, "Customers always look for a risk-free purchase, but they will experiment if they are confident with the information they have available. If your wine list is confusing to read, with no hint as to the styles of the wine, people will go for the cheaper, perceived-safer options",  says one of our Wine Development Specialists, Rachel Love.

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