Kalani Coco Rum Liqueur 70cl

Kalani Coco Rum Liqueur

Kalani is made from fermented coconut milk macerated with fine Mexican sugar cane Rum. The coconut is entirely organic coming from a local plantation to Casa D’Aristi from the top quality ’Yellow Dwarf’ Coconut trees.The resultant taste is an exquisite balance of delicious fresh coconut with soft rounded Mexican rum. Kalani is part of the ‘Fruits of the Mayan’ range of artisan tropical liqueurs from the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico (XTA & Huana being the others)

  • Type: Liqueurs General
  • Country: Mexico
  • Brand name: Kalani Coconut Rum Liqueur
  • Bottle size: 70cl
  • Code: 35407
  • Abv: 30%