Thistly Cross Real Elderflower Cider 330 ml x 12

Thistly Cross Real Elderflower Cider

Thistly Cross spike our farmhouse cider with real elderflowers; matured with the cider, they open up a new world of flavour possibilities and impart a warm caramel colour. A citrus zest combines with the fresh fruitiness of the apples to give a unique aroma, whilst the astringency of elderflowers bestows a rich, complex flavour. Laced with fruit notes, classic pear esters underpin a lingering floral sweetness.

  • Type: Fruit/Mixed Packaged Cider
  • Country: Scotland
  • Region: Scotland
  • Brand name: Thistly Cross Cider
  • Pack size: 330 ml x 12
  • Code: 33634
  • Abv: 4%