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The magic of wine

The Magic of Wine Cocktails

In the latest, brand new edition of our wine magazine Vini we begin to unravel the magic of wine. We may never truly understand the enchanting power that wine holds over so many of us but it has to be worth a shot!

Wine Development Specialist Andrew Falk cast his eyes to Beaujolais in an attempt to unravel its mysteries while Jemma Calver takes a deep dive around azure blue seas to find alternatives to Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay.

Eleanor Webb takes us to some of the UK’s most magical venues, each unique destination so often the home to spellbinding weddings. While at the Cellar Door are Jean Etienne and François Matton ready to spill the beans on Château Minuty and the gorgeous Côtes de Provence Rosé wines they produce.

You’ll find much more inside this packed edition including a magical mystery tour through the Hard Day’s Night Hotel in Liverpool, an interview with IWCS’s ‘Wine Communicator of the Year’ and star of the Wine Show Joe Fattorini and our London Spirits Specialist Niel Webb takes a look at refreshing wine cocktails.

But that is probably enough from me. Take a look inside our latest Vini by clicking here.


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Luke Siddall (alumni)

I'm Matthew Clark's resident content creator, looking after our social media, website and customer communications. I was a cocktail bartender for while before joining but I now spend most of my time on the other side of the bar.

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