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Sommelier Awards 2016 - the results are in!

Sommelier Awards 2016 - the results are in!.JPG

The 2016 Sommelier Awards has seen the best ever set of results for Matthew Clark. With an extra 38 medals and a 110% increase in the number of Golds, it just shows how much we refuse to rest on our laurels and continue to improve our range year after year.

A combination of new and exciting wines, which our buyers have worked tirelessly to find, combined with old favourites, has really pushed our medal count up this year, and shows the sheer scope that our range now has.

Golds include the first Romanian wine ever to win a Gold medal (The Daciana Sauvignon Blanc, 29007), the now infamous Macho Man Monastrell (29908), English sparkler Camel Valley Brut (29093), and other wines from Austria, Germany, Argentina, and Burgundy, to name but a few! You have to taste these wines – they are worth every medal.

An increase of nearly 40 medals just in the Gold and Silver categories, over such a range of countries, regions and styles, shows we are really providing Sommeliers, our customers and the on-trade, with what they need whilst providing exceptional wines to their customers.

For a full list of the award winning wines, please click here

Why does this matter to you?
Making your customers aware of the award winning wines on your wine list demonstrates your desire to sell high quality products and gives your customers a reason to spend more on a wine.

- Offering award winning wines by the glass’ can result in customers tasting more high quality wines and increasing spend in your outlet.
- Your staff are your most valuable asset when it comes to upselling wine, with a range of staff training suited to your business needs, we can help your staff offer passion and knowledge fuelled recommendations which will see your bottom line increase.

- Our customers have seen the benefits of promoting award winning wines, with seasonal wines rotated throughout the year.

If you would like to taste any of these award winning wines or find out more, please get in touch with your account manager or phone 0344 822 3910. 

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