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Regional finalists announced

Cocktail Bar Tender Speed Rails

We received a number of amazing entries for first ever cocktail competition and we'd like to thank all of you that took the time to get involved. Our judges have convened and selected the contestants for our 4 regional heats taking place this March. You'll find the full list below. 

If you didn't make it or missed out on entering, this doesn’t need to be the end! We’re now accepting entries for the STIR IT UP wildcard. Sponsored by Pernod Ricard, one lucky winner will enjoy an unforgettable experience visiting the Absolut Bar Academy in Sweden. We’re asking for video entries to be submitted via Instagram or Twitter, tagging in @MatthewClarkLtd and including the hashtag #STIRITUPWILD.

  • Michael Charles of The Clockwork Rose with the cocktail 'Party like it's 1889'.
  • Rose Brookman of Amoeba Craft Beers and Cocktails with the cocktail 'Forbidden'.
  • Alex Wallwork of Royal Institution with the cocktail 'The Royal Blue'.
  • Niall Snyders of ETM Group with the cocktail 'As Nature Intended'.
  • Kealan Lafferty of Jam Jar with the cocktail 'The Pacific Trailblazer.'.
  • Danny Dowds of Ghetto Golf with the cocktail 'The Summer Rose'.
  • Alex Wakeham of Ghetto Golf with the cocktail 'Fleur Du Temps'.
  • Andrea Toth of Sygn Bar & Kitchen with the cocktail 'Summer Melon'.
  • Tom Rutherford of No.1 Bar & Grill with the cocktail 'A-Berry-Cana'.
  • Tomas Bielcik of A Bar in Lytham with the cocktail 'Ginovation '.
  • Mark Finlay-Browne of Furnival's Well with the cocktail 'When Fino met Schino'.
  • Alastair Rowland Hill of No.3 Gin Club & Kitchen with the cocktail 'Lying Cheeting Bastard'.
  • Elvijs Janis Sadovskis of King Street Townhouse with the cocktail 'Mint Cucuila'.
  • Ashley Aisthorpe of The Curious Cat with the cocktail 'Honey Hi'.
  • Tom Cavanagh of Skylight with the cocktail 'Sangrita'.
  • Lewis Potter of Bronx Bar and Cue with the cocktail 'Summer Monkey'.
  • Diogo Rodrigues of New Road Hotel with the cocktail 'Eucalyptus'.
  • Michael Farmer of Novus Leisure with the cocktail 'Butterfly fizz'.
  • Emilie Campesato-Mouragne Cozens of Lace & Whiskey with the cocktail 'Lace and Whiskey Mamas Home Remedy'.
  • Andrey Schmalbach Martinez of Long Bar, Harbour hotels with the cocktail 'Sandcastle'.
  • Andrew Kearns of Monteiths, The Compass Group with the cocktail 'Pollination'.
  • Zach Robinson of Gas Street Social with the cocktail 'A Midsummer's Dream'.
  • Tom Kirk of Below Stairs with the cocktail 'Flowers in the Garden'.
  • Thomas Ryan of Doctor Ink's Curiosities, Exeter with the cocktail 'Cardinal'.
  • Kristijonas Bazys of Metropolitan Cocktail Bar & Restaurant with the cocktail 'Winter Death'.
  • Caroline Park of The Voodoo Rooms with the cocktail 'Nana Colada'.
  • Oliver Dodwell of Rumba Bar with the cocktail 'Diamond Daiquiri'.
  • Thomas Liddell of the Clockwork Rose with the cocktail 'Bru na Boinne'.
  • Alex Mills of Lab 22 with the cocktail 'Lowland Hiball'.
  • Callum Baines of Treacle Bar & Kitchen with the cocktail 'Practice what you Peach'.
  • Ryan Betts of The Manor House Hotel with the cocktail 'The Aurora'.
  • Jamie Cox of Aynhoe Park with the cocktail 'Sin Resaca Martini'.
  • Jack Docherty of Alston Bar and Beef with the cocktail 'Blossoming Black Forrest'.
  • David Indrak of Cocktail Services & Bar Nation with the cocktail 'Garden of Eden'.
  • Harry Cooper of Picture Marylebone with the cocktail 'Up & Away On A Bloody Sky'.
  • Aleksandra Jaworska of The Refinery at St. Andrew Square with the cocktail 'Honey, I'm Home'.
  • Harry Barber of Le Bouchon with the cocktail 'Mojito-5-0'.
  • Fraser Stancombe of Seacontainers House with the cocktail 'Chasing the Dragon'.
  • Amy Swanton of The Aviator Hotel - One Eleven with the cocktail 'Easy like a Sunday Morning'.
  • Charlie Wilson of The Boozy Cow Aberdeen with the cocktail 'Beeter Late Than Never'.
  • Alexandru of The Mint Room with the cocktail 'The Dead Goldfish'.

Our aim with STIR IT UP is to demystify the cocktail category through training and education to help our customers make more from the cocktail trend. Year round, our Spirits Specialists are here to support you to drive the cocktail category, provide training for you and your team and help build your range and list. Working closely with your account manager, our Spirit Specialists can create a bespoke training programme entirely tailored to what you require. Speak to your account manager to find out more.

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I'm Matthew Clark's resident content creator, looking after our social media, website and customer communications. I was a cocktail bartender for while before joining but I now spend most of my time on the other side of the bar.

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