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Our Range: Low and No Alcohol

Caleno Alcohol Free Spirit Range (1)

Produced in response to a trend that continues to go from strength to strength, our updated low and no alcohol drinks range is packed with innovative new products, low alcohol and alcohol free craft beers and spirit staples reinvented for a new generation of drinkers, all built on our insights.

Move consumers away from standard soft drinks into higher margin low and no products. From top name lagers, craft beer favourites, leading wine producers and innovative spirit alternatives, our range provides you with a wide selection to tempt alcohol abstaining or moderating consumers and put more money in the till.

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Future-proof your drinks list with options to tempt Low & No consumers whatever their motivation might be: abstaining, cutting back or simply having a night off.​

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The younger generation has grown up surrounded by healthy eating initiatives and the pressures of social media. Looking after their bodies is of vital importance, but millennials are still spending £3,750 a year going out and trying new things. They want to socialise with friends and don’t want to be hindered by the dreaded hangover – heading instead to live music, plays, sporting events, art exhibitions, and escape rooms.

Both alcohol moderators and avoiders are social beings, and the on-trade remains the primary place to meet and mingle. If the 20% of the population aged 25-44 that do not drink alcohol could be encouraged to visit a licensed premise once more per month and purchase just one drink, every venue in the UK would have an average of £1535 extra in the till. Applying the same logic to those aged 18-24 would add an additional £600 per site.

Low and no alcohol beers (NAB/LAB) represent the biggest category share. 5.4million GB consumers drank a NAB/LAB product out of home in the last 6 months, making it the key alcohol free category. However, we think the low and no distilled spirits category is about to explode. We’re closely watching ultra-low RTDs too whose volume has been steadily creeping up. We're not forgetting about wine, we believe that dealcoholised wines are showing strong potential in wine - a category that’s seen decline in recent years

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I'm Matthew Clark's resident content creator, looking after our social media, website and customer communications. I was a cocktail bartender for while before joining but I now spend most of my time on the other side of the bar.

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