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The colours of Summer

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Finally, we have the news we have all been waiting for. Wakefield is set to be hotter than Hawaii and summer is here! Last year was the warmest summer on record, add to that the FIFA Men's World Cup and it will be a difficult summer to beat.

Fortunately, 2018 saw people fall back in love with the pub. Alcohol sales in the on-trade grew to more than £30 billion by the end of the year1. Hopefully, the Great British public is poised and ready to repeat last summer, the popularity of gin and Spritz drinks may help. These serves have helped spirits to become even more relevant and popular this summer.

The human eye has three photoreceptors to process red, yellow and blue, but the number of combinations we can perceive is huge. Different colours can stimulate different reactions. Blue can be calming while one study showed red promotes winning in sports. Perhaps this why England's lionesses, kitted out in white, lost in the semi-finals?

Summer Pink Punch: For the coral coloured cocktail enthusiasts

Why this cocktail?

A steady rise in of health-conscious consumers means creating delicious drinks for health-minded consumers in 2019. Made with real juice, this cocktail is healthier, on-trade and highly visual. Garnish with a thin slice of watermelon, running around the glass and a strawberry sliced in half.


•  35ml Beefeater Pink
•  50ml Watermelon juice
•  Fresh Strawberries
•  Mint
•  Melon Balls
•  Topped with Soda Water


With colour so vital to both our emotions and Instagram feeds, can colourful drinks inspire us to summer sales success? 'Living Coral' was announced as the 'Colour of 2019' by Pantone back in January. Take one look at the drinks being served this summer, and you'll see this colour resonating with the 5.1 million UK consumers now drinking pink gin brands. That number is up from 2.2 million drinkers in 20182.

Pantone's 'Colours of Summer 2019' includes the aptly named 'Fiesta', a celebratory orange-red. "Fiesta radiates energy, passion and excitement", now that does sound appealing3? Luckily the nation's bars have plenty of orange gins to keep us on-trend!

When we look at cocktails, consumers favourite flavours are refreshing, berry, and fruity. Their favourite ingredients are strawberry and raspberry4.These trends give us plenty of colours with which to paint a beautiful canvas of drinks. The Daiquiri is now the fifth best-selling cocktail in the UK4, helped by fruity, berry and frozen variants, which of course, are usually 'Fiesta' coloured!

Bloody Sgroppino: Highly visual serve for 'fiesta' fans

Why this cocktail?

'I see it, I want it' cocktails are on the rise. These highly fashionable and visual drinks are all about the 'gram', bringing inventive drinking concepts to the masses. Frozen serves, unusual garnishes, and new flavour combinations can all be used to create a stunning serve!


• 1 scoop of sorbet
 25ml Blood Orange Gin
 25ml Blood Orange juice
 Topped with Champagne
 Fresh flower petals


We must also bear in mind Vodka is still the most popular spirit in cocktails. The spirit gives us the perfect blank canvas to create vibrant, colourful drinks with. The vodka-based Pornstar Martini remains the nation's favourite cocktail with an impressive 15% of all cocktail sales4.

79% of guests always, or almost always, browse the cocktail menu to help make their choice4. This fact allows us to add a splash of colour to our lists. Highlighting the colour of a drink via a photo or sketch will provide guests with a clear indication of what they are going to receive. This is particularly useful when humans can process an image 60,000 times quicker than they can text5!

So, brighten your bar this summer with drinks to stimulate the senses. Let's keep our customer's social feeds filled with colour. Make your menu shine even when the sun doesn't and expand the colours of summer beyond my usual colour - a bright Lobster Red.

About the author

David Kirkham

Category Development Manager at Pernod Ricard UK.

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