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Perfecting the perfect pint

Carlsberg Dispense

Sponsored post in partnership with Carlsberg.

At Carlsberg UK, we are always striving for better. At the heart of our journey, is better beer quality. We know this is vital because 90% of consumers say beer quality is very important or essential when choosing where to drink.*

Our Technical Team at Carlsberg UK have been hard at work researching how to perfect beer quality in outlet and have launched our new dispense system. The Carlsberg Quality Dispense System (CQDS) is a fully enclosed environment from ‘keg to glass’, helping to ensure every pint is delivered consistently and to a perfect standard of quality to consumers.

What effects beer quality?

After extensive research, our Technical Team narrowed poor beer quality to two main areas; Unclean lines and Beer Temperature.

Line cleaning

We know that unclean lines and warm cellars are an industry issue, with 1 in 3 pints in the UK being served from an unclean line. This can have a real impact on consumer perceptions resulting in loss of sales. Given that publicans spend 104 hours on average per annum cleaning lines, this is something we wanted to focus on and help outlets free up their time. CQDS uses technology which extends the line cleaning period from 1 week to an incredible 4 weeks consistently maintaining perfect product quality at point of purchase. CQDS also includes a digital timer to highlight at a glance when the next clean is due.

We have 4 bars so cleaning the lines used to take a long time, so it’s great that we only now have to clean them every 4 weeks

By Bredbury Hall Country House Hotel

Beer Temperature

We’ve all had a bad experience of a warm pint of beer served in a pub. It’s not surprising as a quarter of all pubs report having issues with beer temperature, resulting in 6% of beer being served to warm. We know that this is a major issue with drinkers, as 23% of consumers say beer temperature is their biggest frustration in pubs.** Because CQDS is a fully enclosed environment from ‘keg to glass’ the insulated lines help keep the beer at the perfect temperature all the way to pouring the perfect pint.

We’ve not had a single complaint about the beer and most of our customers are regulars, so we must be doing something right!

By Leadbellys, London

CQDS has undergone rigorous independent testing to prove the concept, ensuring that quality is maintained and is now installed in over 1200 outlets in the UK. These satisfied customers have now been able to move their line cleaning from weekly to every 4 weeks and are benefitting from;

  • Consistent dispense temperature
  • Reduced line cleaning wastage and labour costs
  • Improved rate of sale
  • Improved yield per keg

For more information on Carlsberg Quality Dispense System (CQDS) or to discuss an installation in your outlet, please contact Richard Mansfield.

About the author

James Price

James is Customer Marketing Manager at Carlsberg UK looking after our brands and activation for the on-trade wholesale channel.

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