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Non-Alcoholic Drinks For A Sober Lifestyle: How To Enjoy Your Night Out Without Alcohol

Two Women Enjoying Themselves While Drinking Non Alcoholic Beer

In recent years, more and more people are choosing to ditch alcohol as they embrace a healthier lifestyle. As a result, non-alcoholic drinks have become increasingly popular – and there’s now a wide variety of non-alcoholic drinks that are both delicious and healthy. Whether you're looking for a night out without alcohol or simply want to reduce your alcohol intake, there are plenty of options available.

What Are The Benefits Of Non-alcoholic Drinks?

The most obvious benefit is that you can enjoy a night out without worrying about the negative effects of alcohol – whether you’ve decided to maintain a sober lifestyle or you’re the designated driver for the night. We all know that it can be frustrating to be the only one not drinking, but with so many tasty non-alcoholic drinks available, this doesn’t have to be a problem. And before you start thinking that ‘non-alcoholic drink’ means ‘sugar-laden soft drink’, there are a surprising number of non-alcoholic alternatives that are actually a healthier option. They are often lower in calories than their alcoholic counterparts, and they don't have the same negative effects on the liver and other organs.

What Are The Best Healthy Non-alcoholic Drinks?

One of the most popular non-alcoholic drinks is the mocktail. A mocktail is a cocktail without alcohol, and they come in a wide variety of flavors. Some of the most popular mocktails include the virgin margarita, the mocktail mojito, and the virgin pina colada. These drinks are often made with fresh fruits and juices, making them both delicious and healthy.

Another great option is flavoured sparkling water, which makes a great alternative to sugary soft drinks. Add some ice and a slice of fruit and you can add that to the round at the bar without feeling left out. 

Or, for a more nutritious option, why not choose juices and smoothies? Freshly squeezed juices are a great way to get a boost of vitamins and minerals, and they can be made with a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. Smoothies are often made with yoghurt or milk, making them a good source of protein, too.

Are Non-Alcoholic Drinks Low Calories?

Non-alcoholic drinks are often lower in calories than their alcoholic counterparts. This is because alcohol itself contains a lot of calories. For example, a glass of wine contains around 120 calories, while a can of beer contains around 150 calories. In contrast, a glass of sparkling water or a fresh juice will usually contain less than 50 calories. This makes non-alcoholic drinks a great option for people who are looking to lose weight or maintain a healthy diet.

Do Pubs Serve Non-alcoholic Drinks?

Yes, most pubs will serve a range of non-alcoholic drinks. This includes soft drinks, juices, mocktails, and even non-alcoholic beer. Many pubs are now making a conscious effort to cater to people who don't drink alcohol, and will often have a separate section on their menu dedicated to non-alcoholic drinks. If you're unsure what to order, don't be afraid to ask the bartender for recommendations.

Non-alcoholic Drinks To Order At A Bar

If you're out at a bar and looking for a non-alcoholic drink, there are plenty of options available. Some popular choices include a Shirley Temple (lemon-lime soda, grenadine, and a cherry), a Virgin Mary (tomato juice, Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco sauce, and lemon), or a simple soda water with a slice of lime or lemon. 

Buy Non-Alcoholic Drinks Online

If you're looking for some inspiration, check out the Matthew Clark website for a wide range of non-alcoholic drinks to choose from. Remember, it's possible to have a great night out without alcohol, and non-alcoholic drinks can be just as tasty and enjoyable as their alcoholic counterparts.

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