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5 premium wines for Christmas

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45% of drinkers say they now drink less but of better quality, with these more discerning drinkers comes the opportunity for premiumisation. It’s no surprise then that the £20+ wines are growing share in the market and Christmas is the perfect time to tempt customers with premium wine choices. Here, we select our top 5 premium wines to enjoy over the festive period.

A seasonal necessity and perhaps an overlooked category, fortified wines offer an opportunity to upsell both wine and food. The Graham’s 10 Year Old Tawny Port is an easy and logical trade-up from Ruby and makes a perfect end to a roast with a dessert or cheeseboard.

1. Graham’s 10 Year Old Tawny Port

A Tawny Port is a rich treat to be devoured either on its own, or accompanying a cheese board. The salty tanginess of cheese contrasts with the sweet fig and raisin notes of the Port, creating a flavour explosion in the mouth. But, don’t just shun Port to cheese, Tawny’s make an excellent match with apple crumble or other fruit based deserts, and even, if you dare, are a surprisingly great match to pate or even sausage rolls. Who knew that Tawny Port could take you from start to finish on a menu?

The Christmas lunch, in which ever form it takes, whether Turkey or Nut roast, work gathering or family affair, is always a celebration. Having a couple of premium wine choices up your sleeve to recommend is a sure fire way to secure an upsell. Our next two picks are from Torres, a leading and notorious Spanish wine ‘brand’ that your customers will quite possibly recognise and trust, making the choice to trade up that much easier. Plus, they are amazing wines!

2. Salmos, Priorat, Torres

This plush red delivers cherry pie flavours, with baked fruit, pastry and vanilla notes that show toast and liquorice accents. Yes that’s right, there is a lot going on with this complex wine that will elevate a wide range of dishes. An absolute treat.

3. Fransola, Sauvignon Blanc Penedès, Torres

The Fransola 'pago' is situated at high altitude in the Penedès region. The naturally cool climate is perfect for producing top-quality Sauvignon Blanc. This fresh, juicy, passion fruit and lime flavoured wine is partly fermented (about 50%) in oak barrels which adds both complexity and a creamy richness to this delicious wine. A real crowd pleaser.

Many consumers look to classic wine regions and styles at this time of year. Tried and tested for centuries with the big blockbuster names, premium wines from the old world offer a sense of renown and pomp that suits the mood. Ensuring you have well-known wine styles such as Bordeaux, Chateauneuf-du-Pape or Barolo on offer allows this Christmas ritual to go on, and essentially they sell themselves.

4. Barolo, Enrico Serafino

Centred around the village of the same name, the Region of Barolo produces big, well-structured reds with a racy cut to the tannins. Barolo is aged for 5 years before it is released, but its power and structure mean it tastes fresh and bright. With an intense and elegant nose, this spicy, yet floral, and berry-fruited wine is something to savour.

Last on our list but by no mean least comes Bottega Prosecco. Bottega is a premium brand that not only offers great quality wines, but also eye-catching and desirable packaging that is bound to make the recipient say “wow.” Walk it through your venue proudly when serving, and everyone else will want one too. For maximum effect, make it a magnum!

5. Bottega Gold Prosecco Brut

Made from Glera grapes, grown in the Valdobbiadene hills which are hand-picked and gently pressed in the winery. The non-traditional packaging is the only reason why the winery cannot mark their wines as being DOCG.  The Prosecco is characteristically fruity with scents of golden apple, pear, and acacia flowers.  The clean profile of the wine keeps you reaching for another glass, and another.

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