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Whether you’re taking your first steps into wine or have worked in the industry for years, it’s fair to say that wine as a category is daunting. Wine inspires and mystifies as much as it excites, but it doesn't need to. Here's our guide to help you demystify wine.


Inside this guide: How Wine is Made, Evaluating Wine and Storing and Serving advice.



Why learn about wine?

Attempting to remove some of the secrecy around wine is an honourable task. In actuality much of the mystique is perception more than anything, this short guide is to provide you with a working understanding. It covers how wine is produced and what is involved in making the final product the way it is.

This guide includes production methods, a guide on how to taste, food and wine matching principles and the serve. With thousands of grape varieties from thousands of producers, from all corners of the world it is easy to become overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of information and ‘experts’ out there. 

With an understanding of the basics, you will find that the daunting areas suddenly fall into place and make sense without you necessarily having to ‘learn’ them. Wine tastings and notes from producers will become clear, boosting your confidence and enabling you to talk with authority.


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