Our Industry leading annual wine tasting events are a must for thousands of our customers every year. Hundreds of products on show and hundreds of passionate people behind them who are keen to entertain and explain in equal measure. 

#WhyWeLoveWine will seek to bring our unrivalled wine list to life, providing our customers with real world commercial solutions to capitalising on their wine lists.

By Ian Smith, Matthew Clark Commercial Director

We've always held wine tastings but in 2014 we went bigger and better than ever before. We headed to Tobacco Dock where we set out to create a whole different meaning to wine tastings. This year we returned to London's Tobacco Dock for our flagship wine tasting event and it was all about #WhyWeLoveWine. On the day itself, we saw record numbers, with people who loved the format last year, returning to taste our latest selection, whilst a whole new crowd were keen to learn more about our wines and what Matthew Clark can offer them. We took our customers on a tour of the world (quite literally) by theming each room by country, to help bring the wines to life.

The specially created ‘Generator bar’, was truly the biggest hit with our customers. From its inception, The Generator Bar, was a place for customers to head to discuss boosting their wine profits and building a solid commercial wine list as well as trying some fantastic wines. It was also the place to talk to our experts about menu design, market insight and picking up the latest hints and tips for social media. 

Great to be at a trade show where it’s not just about pushing products, but informing customers too!

By KAM Media

We also took to the road for our Uncovered Series of events in Birmingham, Bristol, Edinburgh and York. This year we created dedicated category zones, to give our customers a unique experience and help them find the right products for their outlet. Each zone had a clear focus and was themed to really bring our products to life. We also introduced a brand new Discovery Zone and ensured we had all our added value tools on hand to help our customers grow their business.

In London our Summer Social series keep the long evenings interesting with boutique tastings of our range, this year, at The Drury Club. Our Boutique Beers range has also been on tour, heading to Bristol, Liverpool and London with range tastings, beer masterclasses and some great food!

Keep an eye out on the events pages for our upcoming tastings, they are not only a great day out but there is always something new to try and ideas about how to make your offering more profitable. You can see what's coming up on the events pages.