The average customer’s disposable income is a little lower than it used to be, but people still want to enjoy themselves. When they do, it’s more of an occasion – a treat. Because of this, they’re willing to spend a bit more money, behaving like weekend millionaires.

On average, mainstream cocktail stockists sell 36% more spirits than non-stocking like-for-like venues. With 87% of customers saying they drink, or would drink cocktails if available, building a cocktail list is well worth considering!

When choosing to drink cocktails, we know that customers expect to pay more for the effort that goes into them. The theatre of the serve and the experience they can’t recreate at home – all good reasons why a strong cocktail list design will help get people into your outlet and choosing drinks that make you more margin.

Building your list

When building your cocktail list design, there are some important things to remember:

  • 1. You don’t want to overwhelm customers or staff – keeping it simple is key.
  • 2. What do your customers want to see on the list? If your venue’s spirit customers are partial to vodka, build a list to reflect their tastes. 64% of favourite cocktails are based on Rum and/or Vodka – consider this when shaping the list.
  • 3. If you are updating an existing list, take a look at your till data: what are the most popular cocktails?
  • 4. Keep menu descriptions simple – our cocktails have 3 menu descriptions to choose from, depending on whether you want simple, descriptive or highly imaginative!
  • 5. Think about the structure of your cocktail list design – the layout can influence what choices people make. Our design team can help you with this! Click here for more info (link to design studio page)

To find out more about our extensive cocktail library and other cocktail support we offer, please speak to your account manager.