A jewel in the Glasgow dining scene, providing an authentic Spanish dining experience, delivered by a team of Spanish chefs. La Boca is family run and delivers a fantastic level of service to match the food and wine; Ron Mackenna, the Glasgow Herald food critic recently claimed it to offer ‘the best tapas in the city’.

Liam Dunn - Wine Development Manager

Working in partnership is a formula for success; it’s easy to develop ideas and deliver them if everyone is focused on the same goal

By Liam Dunn

 When re-designing the wine list at La Boca, the Scottish Wine Development Team recommended a selection of wines to suit a wide range of tastes, whilst at the same time, taking into consideration the varied styles of tapas on offer.

By adding Matthew Clark’s Wines Expression symbols beside each wine on the list, their customers have a greater insight into the style of wines available to enjoy. Wine Expression also gives direction as to which wines will go well with different dishes.

As well as assisting the consumer, this guidance also assists the waiting staff who are often asked for their food and wine pairing recommendations.

A practical hands-on training session is conducted on a regular basis to show the waiting staff how different wines pair with the different styles of tapas. Essential to this approach, owner Stephen Gilmour recognised the advantage that both customers and staff would gain from Wine Expression when it was initially presented to him.

The value of teamwork is appreciated by Stephen, ‘As a result of working with the team at Matthew Clark, we have formed an excellent partnership. They have helped us select and design our Spanish-only wine list, as well as introducing our unique Sherry Flight Experience. I would recommend their services to anyone looking for a top-class range of quality wines which offer great value.’

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