Its game, set, match and the big game has come to an end. Some of your guests will head for the door, but others will want to continue enjoying the hospitality. Having some things on in your outlet could really add a reason for people to stay and even come back for the next game.

The On-Trade can benefit from maximising the Great British summertime and all its flaws through tennis. Ensure you’re utilising any outdoor space to the maximum. Having an outdoor screen, bottle bar or both, is a sure fire way to make your outlet the go to place to enjoy the action. And then, once the action has finished, extend the tennis into a full on ‘Best of British’ garden party which gives you plenty of chances to upsell food, pitchers and wine magnums.

Garden Parties

If we're lucky enough to be blessed with some sun this summer, why not organise a Wimbledon themed garden party. Start with creating your atmosphere. Dress your garden and arrange some quality POS to highlight that you’ll be throwing a party in advance. With a table and some ice buckets, you can easily create an outdoor bar. Add to this some summery food options, or even a bbq, and you're on to a winner. Complete the occasion with some lawn games or entertainment.

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Live Entertainment

Why not get a local band to play and keep the lively atmosphere going? You will need a PRS and PPL licence which you probably already have if you play any music in your outlet. These can be obtained here. If not a live band, you could arrange for a DJ to drop the needle after the game comes to an end, or even have a local magician drop by to perform some close-up table magic.

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Mini Wimbledon

After seeing the stars of the sport showcase how it should be done, put your customers to the test in your own version of the championships. A ping-pong table is becoming as almost a common sight in Britain's bars than the pool table, although they can be hired easily enough if you don't have one. In much the same way as a pool tournament can help fill a venue on a quieter evening, so can a 'Mini Wimbledon'. Encourage your guests to sign up to take part. What you offer as a prize, is up to you - the Wimbledon winner usually gets around £31 million if that helps!

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