The Wimbledon fan is older and more affluent than the average consumer. Making the most of this summer’s tennis championship is ideal for premium outlets, and venues with large outdoor areas, where the pitchers of Pimm’s flow freely and the bottles of fizz readily pop.

The Royal Wedding has put consumers in a patriotic spirit, and instead of lowering the Union Flag, this summer, flags will be kept flying all the way through until July. Queens is quickly followed by the most well prestigious tennis tournament in the world. It’s an event that comes nicely pre-packaged with longing thoughts of quaffing champagne, sipping on gin and supping glasses of Pimm’s. The On-Trade can benefit from all of these – maximising the Great British summertime and all its flaws through tennis.

The intensity of the sport, Jumping from this side to that, Racing where the ball is at, Hitting it, in mid-air,
Back and forth throughout the square, The passion of the game is bliss, End my ode to tennis.
Audrey Bautz

Andy Murray is the great hope. Even though he is battling back from injury, expectations will no doubt be huge for the feisty Scot – not least from us in the trade. Data from last year’s lawn tennis spectacular shows that drinks sales related to the competition dropped off once Murray was out of the tournament, although not before adding millions of pounds of incremental sales to the market. This year, however, Murray will not be carrying the burden alone. Following a captivating performance at the Australian Open, Britain’s new number one, Kyle Edmund is set to excite British fans. That isn’t even to mention Johanna Konta, ranked 23rd in the world; she takes us up to three contenders that could keep consumers watching throughout the fortnight.

Beyond the British competitors, Wimbledon never fails to draw an audience in its own right. Along with the millions watching matches on TV, the BBC had 24.1 million stream requests for the 2017 tournament. Add to this the almost half a million spectators that descend each year on southwest London, and you have an actual national obsession. Reflecting this mania is the passion for the typical Wimbledon treats, 320,000 glasses of Pimm’s, 34 thousand kilogrammes of Strawberries and almost 30,000 bottles of Champagne are consumed at the event and many thousands more of each nationwide.

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