The summer months are dominated by cocktails, mixed drinks, fruit ciders and sparkling wines. Each of these categories see sales growth and will form the core elements of any summer drinks list…

Whisky, Tequila, Rum, Vodka and Red Wines all pay the price for the growth of summer categories. Cider is the biggest winner in the summer months despite some difficult summers over the past few years. Fruit cider grows by 28.3% and pear cider witnesses a 32.1% spike. This overall steer away from draught to mixed and packaged drinks means that operators must consider how they merchandise bar space and fridges effectively to ensure sales are maximised and a consistent delivery of a perfect serve, during this period of high demand.

Fizz by the glass

Wimbledon offers a great opportunity to start offering sparkling wines and champagne by the glass. ‘Wine by the glass’ presents a huge opportunity as customers continue to spend more money on quality and new experiences. Savvy operators are offering more wines by the glass, making aspirational wines more accessible. To ensure every glass is just as fresh as the last, preservation systems such as Le Verre de Vin or Coravin are of great help. Having a preservation system installed will see a significant growth in premium wines and fizz sold by the glass, providing you with greater profits, on average 29% more!

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Pitcher Serves

When the action on the screen is gripping, customers will limit trips to the bar. Serving pitchers, of course, filled with Pimm’s but also cocktail serves, beers and sangria is a great way of increasing sales. You can achieve good margins on these serves and they encourage consumers to enter into ‘rounds’, which can increase the rate of sale. Not only that, but it will ensure happier customers as they will be queuing at the bar less and helps to add a little bit of theatre to the whole experience of drinking out.

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Mixed Drinks Menus

One of the best ways to improve your drinks sales during a big event, such as this summer's tennis championship, is through the creation of a bespoke occasion based drinks list. This separate focused menu should feature a range of premium spirit serves, shared drinks, premium spirits and sparkling wines. Handing a customer this focused menu, tailored and themed to the occasion when seated or at the bar immediately turns there attention to choosing one of these drinks, serves that should be ones that make you more margin. Remember, the vast majority of consumers have not chosen their drink by the time they reach your bar or take their seat, giving you the opportunity to move them away from considering a draught beer or house wine.

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Food is an important tool in your arsenal for making more from sport. On the next page, we take a look at a few ideas for selling more food during the championship.