Your staff will need to be the winning team in your outlet, so make sure they are ready for the busy period. Having confident and knowledgeable staff will help when it comes to increasing your sales.

Have your rota done well in advance and have staff in the right areas of your bar. Also, have separate staff for stocking up and glass collecting. Make sure you brief your staff so they know exactly where they should be and what they should be doing. Ensure that your staff are fired up and ready to go, your staff play a core role in setting the atmosphere and energy within your venue. Small things, like having them stick on a football top, can do wonders for setting the tone and showing that your venue is embracing the occasion as much as your guests.


With the summer's football bringing with it a large amount of extra revenue opportunity, make sure your staff are primed to take advantage. Up-selling is simply providing your customer with the opportunity to choose something that provides them with a better experience and you with a higher margin. It can be daunting for some staff, but it doesn't need to be overly complicated. Furthermore, incentivising staff can really jumpstart up-selling efforts with some friendly competition raising energy and enthusiasm behind the bar.

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Staff Training

Every individual is different, learning in different ways. Likewise, every venue is different and every menu. This is why we take a ‘blended’ approach to training, alongside offering WSET, formal wine and spirits training, and Flow modular training, we offer bespoke hospitality training that develops the skills of serving staff with a training course built around your menu and your list. From serving the perfect drink to offering advice on food and wine matching to suit your menu, our staff training can take many forms.

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Table Service

64%of consumers say table service would encourage them to watch football in the On-Trade, according to data from Carlsberg. Many people will watch the quieter games at home so why not give them a reason to come out by offering table service. It gives people a real treat and they don’t have to get up whilst watching the match. Even for busier games, where we often find that customers will limit purchases to not risk missing a vital bit of the action, table service can work to increase sales. The easiest way to do this is to have a member of staff roaming the floor and checking for almost empty glasses, then offering to grab them one for the bar. You can leave a bill and collect payment later, or even equip your staff with money belts.

We hope that you've found our 'more than a game guide' useful. If you have any questions, get in touch with your account manager or contact us here. For a full list of the downloads mentioned in this guide click here, or for a full listing of the point of sale offered click here.