This year all England games are being played at 7:00 pm or on the weekend all the way through to the final, encouraging people out into the On Trade. But that isn't the only reason to be positive about this summer's football showdown... 

Compared to the Premier League season, the football this summer doesn't rely on just full-time football fans and even then, the fans of a particular team. With the England teams success being a point of national pride (and occasional shame), the nation's pubs will be filled with people from a broad church, all cheering on, or 'booing on' for those north and east of the border, Southgate's boys. It helps that the tournament follows from the Royal Wedding which is sure to bring out the patriotic side of consumers.

22% of UK consumers watch Sporting Events in the On Trade.

£1.82bn was spent in the On Trade on alcohol during the last world cup.

45% of sports fans arrive between 30 minutes and an hour before kick-off, lengthening the drinking time.

Draught Premium Lager value rate of sale was up +9.8% YoY during the last world cup.

The last world cup final saw an 11.7% increase in the number of pints sold per outlet.

Football is the biggest driver of sales in the on-trade, with the average pub seeing incremental sales of more than £30,000.

Road to the Final

1-2nd May: Champions League Semi-Finals, Second Legs

3rd: Europa League Semi-Finals Second Legs

5th: Women's FA Cup Final

13th: Final Day Of Premier League Season

16th: Europa League Final

19th: FA Cup Final; Scottish Cup Final And Royal Wedding

24th: Women's Champions League Final

26th: Champions League Final

26th: EFL Championship Play-Off Final

2nd June: International Friendly - England V Nigeria

7th: International Friendly - England V Costa Rica

7-8th,12th: Women's World Cup Qualifying

14th June-15th July: World Cup, Russia

18th: World Cup: England V Tunisia

24th: World Cup: England V Panama

28th: World Cup: England V Belgium

30th June-3th July: World Cup Second Round

6-7th July: World Cup Quarter-Finals

10th: World Cup Semi-Final

11th: World Cup Semi-Final

14th: World Cup Third-Place Play-Off

15th: World Cup Final

The Favourites

Budweiser has been the World Cup sponsors for over 30 years, Budweiser is embarking on an extensive advertising campaign that will drive On-Trade sales. Premium Lager is likely to be the biggest seller during world cup fixture, and Budweiser is well placed to take full advantage. Consumers are comfortable with Budweiser in a bottle, and are happy to pay the premium for it - so no need for any new lines.

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Draught Standard Lager has been falling in the On-Trade with consumers trading up to premium beers. World lager even more relevant for 2018 World Cup as the category now accounts for 1 in 7 beers consumed on football watching occasions in the on trade. 44% of people watching sport in the On-Trade drink lager, a further 19% Pale Ale and 12% Craft Beers.

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A pub doing 6 casks a week that does not range properly is missing out on anything between 71 and 149 pints per week. Seasonal ales have become an increasingly more popular and important part of a good cask range. With a good seasonal ale, the rarity allows you to charge more than the UK average price per pint of cask ale which currently sits at £3.31. This summer, to name just two, we have Bo66y from Greene King and Studs Up by Wadworth available to pre-order for the following weeks’ delivery from your local depot.

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Training and preparation before a match is paramount to an athlete’s success and preparing your outlet for this summer’s sporting events should take top priority. On the following page, we outline our ten steps to the perfect warm up to the Summer of Sport.