The hotel bar is the heart of any hotel and an increasingly important part of the offer in the sector. Hotels have increasingly invested in ensuring that their bar is doing enough to keep guests in the building and spending time and money they would have spent elsewhere, with the business.

This summers football extravaganza should be employed to maximum effect in moving guests into your hotel bar. Regardless of where a football fan is staying, you can rest assured that they will hunt down the big games. It's often one of the most daunting prospects for someone wanting to catch a fixture, having to venture out and around an unfamiliar town in search of the perfect venue. Ensuring that you work to advertise that you're showing games, and giving your guests the perfect excuse to join you, rather than heading out, will pay off.


If you've got a hotel bar, shout out about it! Advertise your bar in guest rooms, elevators and other public spaces, and mention that you're showing the summer fixtures. Our design team will be able to assist in creating the POS items you need. Leave a menu in each room, guests won't be able to resist a flick through. Ensure that your reception staff mention your bar to customers as they check in, and invite them down for a drink.

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Bottle Hangers

One of the neat tricks we've come across in moving guests from room to bar is the use of bottle hangers. Leave a bottle of tonic, or any other mixer, in your guest bedrooms and attach one of our Summer of Sport bottle hangers. These hangers explain that you can take the mixer to the bar, and only pay for the spirit. It's a small freebie but the perfect excuse for guests to stop by. 

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Glass Hangers

For those football occasions, where lager remains king, how about trying glass hangers instead. Encourage guests to leave their room and visit the bar with an offer they can’t refuse. Get a pint for the price of a half by simply taking the room glass to the bar.Our pack comes with both types of hanger allowing you to mix and match your approach and find what works for you. With our glass hangers, place them on the edge of an empty pint or wine glass left in rooms.

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Your staff play a core role in setting the atmosphere and energy within your venue and are central to your ability to make more from the opportunity that the Summer of Sport presents. In the next page, we will look at how.