So what about when the final whistle has blown? Some customers will want to keep the excitement going, others may think of going home, so having some things on in your outlet could really add a reason for people to stay and even come back for the next match.

The Russian World Cup gives us much easier kick-off times to work with. Games will typically take place at 1:00 pm, 4:00 pm and 7:00 pm providing almost a full trading day of football action. These times are almost perfect for the trade to take full advantage, the only consideration to make is what you do after the final game of the day comes to an end. With the energy having been lifted and the summer months giving us a few hours of light yet to enjoy, it would be a shame to have customers leave as quickly as they arrived.

Football Quiz

Working especially well after quieter fixtures, why not test the football knowledge of your customers with a pub quiz. A good quiz has long been a staple of the On-Trade and for good reason. Simple to arrange, cheap to execute and an ideal way to encourage repeat visits. Send a member of your team around with answer sheets during a quiet period of the second half to catch guests considering heading off as soon as the whistle is blown. Whether you charge teams to enter and what you offer as a prize, is up to you. We've prepared some quizzes for you to download below.

Download our Football Quiz Kit  

Live Entertainment

With the busier games, why not get a local band to play and keep the lively atmosphere going? You will need a PRS and PPL licence which you probably already have if you play any music in your outlet. These can be obtained here. If not a live band, you could arrange for a DJ to drop the needle after the game comes to an end, or even have a local magician drop by to perform some close-up table magic.

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Show a Classic Game

After some games, you might find it's better to take a trip down memory lane with a classic game. There are lots of DVD’s with old matches and great goal compilations on, so why not put something on that people will enjoy after the match. You could relive the glory days of the 1966 World Cup final or expose yourself to the torment of the Italia 90 Semi-Final. Remember if you are showing DVD’s you will need a PVSL Licence.

Check You Have the Right Licenses  

If the customer feels they have received both from their visit they are more likely to make a return visit. But with so much competition, not only from TV's at home but TV's in pockets, how else can you ensure that your guests keep returning?