Over the past five years, food sales have been growing quicker in the On-Trade than wet sales. A Mintel report from last year said that almost 70% of pubgoers are influenced by the quality of the food when deciding where to visit...

A food offering is expected by today's consumer, but small pub kitchens and big crowds rarely go well together. There are a few things that you can do to make the most of the opportunity; food is undeniably an important part of the experience of watching sport in the On-Trade. We think that simplifying your usual offer is often the best way. Simple to produce (and eat) items such as burgers, hot-dogs, nachos and hot rolls are popular amongst football fans, can be easily produced and yet offer you the opportunity to be unique and premiumise them through your choice of ingredients.

Hand Held

With surface space at a premium for your guests during the busy fixtures, why not offer a special football menu that features hand-held options. As well as reducing the pressures on your kitchen staff, serving simple items such as burgers and hot-dogs will give your guests a better experience. You could serve them in takeaway style boxes or paper wrapped for easy handling. Customers who are hungry at half time will not want to wait long for food. At a set price, a member of staff can walk around the outlet with a box selling them. Quick profits at the same time as keeping customers happy!

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Themed Dishes

Your outlet probably won't be packed out for Sweden vs South Korea. Nothing against either of these nations - it will probably be a similar story for Australia vs Peru or Japan vs Poland. While there is a big fixture to enjoy every day, some evenings and afternoons will see lower footfall. Here you can utilise your food offer in a different way. International teams mean international food. Why not offer a food special to tie in with the game - every nation has some trademark dishes. To encourage passing trade, for example, you could offer a drink, some Swedish meatballs and coverage of the fixture on a board outside. This will elevate the experience of watching the fixture and encourage people to return for the quieter games.

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Food Promotions

One of the most effective methods for increasing spend per head is to offer food promotions. Bundling up a drink and some food items for a set price encourages guests to trade up and eat out. Many football fans may already be wishing that they didn't have to cook something when they get home, so a food promotion is just the extra push they need. With the quality and provenance of ingredients important to the modern consumer, highlight any local or premium ingredients used when promoting your food offer. Our Design Studio team produce thousands of menus every year and have prepared a range of 'Summer of Sport' templates to ensure a quick turnaround. 

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Your potential customers choose where to watch a game primarily on the atmosphere. 80% of sports fans have said that they prefer the atmosphere in the trade than watching the game at home. Dressing your venue is an important step in building the excitement and atmosphere. On the next page, we have more ideas to add excitement.