Be it during a sports event, a busy Saturday night or a quiet lunchtime, consistent and good quality service mixed with great atmosphere is essential. If the customer feels they have received both from their visit they are more likely to make a return visit.

But with so much competition, not only from TV's at home but TV's in pockets, how else can you ensure that your guests keep returning? After all, you're not just ensuring trade throughout the tournament, but cementing your venue as a great place to watch sport all year round. Carlsberg data suggests that on average, consumers spend more on football occasions Vs non-football occasions.

Stamp Collections

We think a powerful way of encouraging your football customers to return is through a stamp collection. So much so, we've put some stamp collector cards for you in our Summer of Sport POS pack to get you started. Offer your guests one of these after a purchase and explain that for every drink they buy during World Cup fixtures gets them a stamp. Once they have collected six stamps they can claim a free pint. Who wouldn't want a free drink? You may find that scheme such as this encourage more sales during the fixture as people attempt to accrue stamps as quickly as they can.

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Discount Cards

Is a stamp collector scheme isn't for you, a great alternative is to offer discount cards for use during fixtures. These can either be items bought by guests to unlock benefits or given out for free. Likewise, you can collect information on your guests in return for the discount if you desire, perhaps to populate your email marketing list. It's worth bearing in mind that discount cards could cost you more than a stamp scheme depending on the size of discount you offer. Although, conversely, discounts cards are often a far more effective driver of repeat visits. 

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Return Bookings

Informing customers they can book tables for the next game while they are still reeling in the excitement of the match they have just watched can increase future footfall. You can do this through advertising the option via in-outlet POS or by having staff offer to save them a space for next time while serving drinks after the game. If the customer has enjoyed a great atmosphere and feels they have received great service during their visit, they are likely to take you up on the offer. Encouraging bookings in this manner can make sure that you retain regular custom throughout the tournament.

The hotel bar is the heart of any hotel and an increasingly important part of the offer in the sector. Customers, however, often skip by the bar in favour of finding somewhere else to watch the game. On the next page, we look at how you can encourage them to spend their money in your hotel bar instead.