Making the most of football in the On-Trade is all about providing an experience that can't be replicated elsewhere. 80% of sports fans have said that they prefer the atmosphere in the trade than watching the game at home.

Your potential customers choose where to watch a game primarily on the atmosphere. While perfecting the atmosphere relies on a wide range of factors, adding some excitement to proceedings can certainly help. Dressing your venue is an important step. Flags, bunting and sport themed POS create a colourful and vibrant environment - make sure you give weight to all competing countries to attract people for all games. Here are some more top-scoring ideas to add more excitement and get more customers into your outlet.


Especially effective for less popular games, sweepstakes can be used to ensure people stay the course and engage with the fixture. Have customers pick a name out of a hat as they arrive and if that player scores during the match they win a drink or a prize of your choice. Guests will often stick around for the fixture with the potential of a free drink, increasing dwell time and spend in your outlet for a fixture that may have failed to captivate. You can also run a sweepstake with the competing nations. Offer the customers the change to pick a random nation in advance of the tournament with a prize of your choice available for the winner. This can bind these guests to your outlet throughout the summer.

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First Goal Scorer Raffle

For the busier fixtures, add some energy, excitement and anticipation with a scoring raffle. Have a selection of tickets with number 1-90, and hand them out to people who buy a drink before kick off time. If a goal is scored in that minute the customer wins a drink or a prize of your choice. It does mean you'll be giving away a few pints, but it will certainly offer guests an extra level of excitement and another reason to always return to your outlet for the big games.

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It's time to turn it up to eleven. Who can resist the charms of Baddiel and Skinner, "We're On The Ball" and John Barnes rapping? While it doesn't need to be the official England world cup songs on repeat, playing music in the build-up, half-time and after the game will lift the energy and excitement of your guests. Have a couple of playlists ready to go to suit the different games - it helps to play a couple of Spanish hits for Spain games.

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So what about when the final whistle has blown? Some customers will want to keep the excitement going, others may think of going home. On the next page, we look at some ideas to keep guests in your venue.