Many football fans can be put off heading out into the On-Trade to watch a game for the fear of standing for two hours with a partially obscured view and an increasingly warm beer in one hand...

We understand the reservations that most venues have to, well, reservations but we think that a number of venues are missing a trick. Not only would more outlets offering bookings increase the number of consumers watching the action in the trade (Carlsberg data says that 63% of consumers say being able to reserve a table would encourage them to watch football in the On-Trade), but it could also offer the trade higher spend per head. Having a bursting bookings book also allows you to plan and prepare more efficiently for each game, as you can get a measure of the consumer demand in advance.


One of the most common objections we've heard to taking table bookings for football matches is the worry that the guests won't turn up, at least not on time. We think the best way to combat this is through pre-booked packages that include the table reservation. For example, you could put together a package for a set price per head that includes a bottle of beer and a burger on arrival - with payment taken in advance, or at least a deposit. People will take this option for the security of getting a seat. You can always note to those booking that they will need to arrive in advance of the game as the food will be served at a particular time. Not only does this increase spend on a table that may have just had a drink, but ensures that they will turn up and that your kitchen has fewer covers to worry about for when it hits peak time.

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Book for Next Time

Informing customers they can book tables for the next game while they are still reeling in the excitement of the match they have just watched can increase future footfall. You can do this through advertising the option via in-outlet POS or by having staff offer to save them a space for next time while serving drinks after the game. If the customer has enjoyed a great atmosphere and feels they have received great service during their visit, they are likely to take you up on the offer. Encouraging bookings in this manner can make sure that you retain regular custom throughout the tournament.

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Although lager still takes centre stage, with standard lager still the bulk of the volume, key battles are now being fought by premium and world lager brands which have been growing consistently as a sub-sector. On the following page, we look at what you can do to make more with your drinks offer this summer.