Our Market Insight team spend their time keeping their fingers on the pulse (and keyboard), identifying consumer trends and opportunities.

At Matthew Clark we have a unique view of the On-Trade. We collect our data from multiple sources as well as analysing our own data to paint the most complete picture of our industry. This data provides us with not only the information to provide the latest trends to our customers but provide bespoke insight specific to your style of outlet.

Understanding consumer trends and reacting to them can make a big difference to your sales. We can use our data to provide you with information on the changing shape and future of the On-Trade in your area, utilising information we have about consumer identities and buying habits to ensure your business can grow.

An understanding of consumers allows us to advise you on what drives their decisions, allowing you to optimise your drinks offering. We combine our insight with key market trends and analysis to shape not only our business but yours too, delivering the range you want from a supplier, with the assurance it will move across your bar.

Our insights have supported us in the development of our Design Studio Menu Engineering process, where consumer psychology, price, marketing and strategy and graphic design combine to ensure that your menu design is going to increase your sales. It’s also supported the development of our iconic classification of different wine styles Wine Expression, a framework designed to segment wines into recognisable styles, simplifying and highlighting the differences and similarities between wines on a list, allowing your staff and customers to discuss and choose wines with confidence.

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