Matthew Clark trains 100's of customers to achieve WSET qualifications each year, supporting new starters and those building on expertise alike.

As a key partner and patron to the Wine and Spirit Educational Trust (WSET), we support our customers with this key industry training scheme. We actively encourage customers and employees to go through the WSET courses as it provides a great platform for wine and/or spirits knowledge and is the universally recognised benchmark of drinks education.

We will help you get the best out of your staff and maximise the opportunities you have in wine. Our teams of Wine and Spirit Development Specialists offer expert advice on how to sell wine and spirits - taking into account product knowledge, cash margins, merchandising and many other issues. Many of them are also WSET assessor trained and can run courses for you and your teams.

Level one teaches about the main types and styles of wine, common wine grapes and their characteristics, how to store and serve wine and the principles of food and wine pairing.  You’re also taught how to describe wine using the WSET systematic approach to tasting wine.

As you go up the levels you’ll learn more and more about every aspect of wine or spirits. From the factors that influence wine style and explaining wine styles to how production methods affect the characteristics of spirits and liqueurs and the characteristics of the principal world spirits.

Today’s consumer wants that ‘extra special’ experience, something that they cannot replicate themselves, it is our job, as a drinks supplier to empower your staff to deliver this. The knowledge that a WSET course can provide is a key component to confidently and professionally sell wine or spirits.

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