Every individual is different, learning in different ways. Likewise, every venue is different and every menu. Why should training be the same?

These differences are why we take a ‘blended’ approach to training, alongside offering WSET training and Flow training, we offer bespoke hospitality training that develops the skills of serving staff with a training course built around your menu and your list.

Having confident and knowledgeable staff will help when it comes to increasing your sales. Our Wine Development Specialist team are based throughout the country and can offer expert advice and training. From initiatives to sell wine, to offering advice on food and wine matching to suit your menu, our bespoke training can take many forms.

With some customers we organise a training session based around a new wine list, with others we do sessions to match the seasons and work out any refresh that is required on the wine selection. For other accounts, we may organise a visit by a winemaker or brand ambassador to lay on a masterclass-style session on a particular wine and its story.

The options are truly limitless. Perhaps a workshop to cover all the basics of wine, history, production, regions and service of wine, or perhaps a workshop covering upselling and wine tasting. Our team of specialists, working closely with your account manager can create a bespoke training programme entirely tailored to what you require. So if your staff are weary about wine or sheepish about selling, we can craft something bespoke that fits your needs.

It isn’t just wine either. We have teams of Spirit and Beer Development Specialists too. Following the same principles as our wine team, they are here to support you drive these categories, provide training and help build your range.

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