S4 Labour helps to control cost, increase sales, improve service levels and better manage human resource processes.

The team behind S4Labour has over 100 years of combined hospitality experience. S4Labour is equally effective for single or multiple site operators. Its pioneering labour graph allows the right staff to be scheduled in the right place at the right time, controlling labour spend without ever compromising service. The system also helps you manage HR functions from holiday requests through to contracts and legal right to work, as well as offering partnerships with leading EPoS, payroll, and training providers.

Labour costs are typically the largest expenditure for any hospitality business. Through marrying your rotas to sales forecasts and historic trends, S4Labour identifies times when your site is likely to be overstaffed. This allows managers to reduce staffing levels at these times, saving on unnecessary labour spend. Many customers save on average £10,000 per site each year.

Likewise S4Labour shows you when you could be understaffed, with too few staff on shift to efficiently serve the volume of customers in your business, potentially missing out on sales. Combining the benefits of optimised staffing with saving time and hassle on HR related tasks adds real benefit to a business.

What’s more, by managing contracts, right to work for both domestic and international employees, minimum wage regulations, holiday accrual, and breaks in shifts, S4Labour helps your business stay fully legally compliant.

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