• Type: Rosé
  • Country: New Zealand
  • Region: Hawke's Bay
  • Vintage: 2017
  • Producer: Te Awa
  • Primary grape: Merlot
  • Secondary grape: Pinotage
  • Bottle size: 75cl
  • List price: £10.41
  • Code: 31448
  • Awards:
    • SILVER (2015) International Wine Challenge 2018

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Dry, elegant rosés

Sea Bass Dish
Spicy Asian Curry
  • Generally light and/or softer cheeses e.g. Appenzeller, feta. Contrasts well with harder, salty styles e.g. parmesan
  • Bouillabaisse, grilled or seared fish e.g. John Dory, sea bass, tuna
  • Basil, capers, chervil, chives, oregano, saffron, thyme
  • Seared, grilled pan-fried chicken, guinea fowl, veal, pork
  • Aioli, BBQ, balsamic vinegar and citrus-based dressings. Rouille
  • Asian spicy chicken and seafood curries. Chinese (Cantonese). Mediterranean fish and chicken dishes spiced with chilli
  • Mediterranean salads, chick peas, ratatouille, roasted red peppers, mushroom risotto

About the Wine

This rosé wine is made by Te Awa in Hawke's Bay. Fruit-driven rosé, great with chicken, salads and pasta. It is created with mosty Merlot grapes. Supplied by Hatch Mansfield.

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