Bolee D'Armorique Cidre Brut 330 ml x 24

Bolee D'Armorique Cidre Brut

Just as the Breton tiskell that represents earth, water and fire, Bolée d’Armorique allies in harmony the elements of a preserved nature and the powerful spirit of a tradition selfishly protected typical and tasty, the Bolée d’Armorique L. Raison is made in the heart of Armorican Brittany. It is made out of 100% pure first press Breton juices.

  • Type: Premium Packaged Cider
  • Country: France
  • Region: France
  • Brand name: Cidre Breton
  • Pack size: 330 ml x 24
  • Code: 28646
  • Abv: 5%