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Advice for a Temporary Closure

Craft Beer Fount Install

With news that the nation’s bars, pubs, restaurants and theatres will have to close their doors for an indefinite period, we’ve created a list of things that may need to be done beforehand. Closing down correctly can ensure a smooth opening when the time comes, protecting your equipment and venue.

1. Disconnect and clean beer lines

(Advice brought to you with help from Cask Marque for guidance only, please consult guidance specific to your equipment)

  • Turn off the remote/flash coolers to prevent lines freezing.
  • Carry out a standard line clean on all keg and cask lines.
  • Once final water flush is completed, pull air through the system.
  • Pull air until no further water residue comes from nozzle.
  • Switch off gas bottles and any gas generation systems.
  • Sanitise all equipment (hop filters, rods, tilts, couplers) and leave to air dry.
  • Attach couplers to the ring main sockets.
  • Cork all empty casks and hang the lines off the floor.
  • Remove and clean all nozzles with warm water and air dry.

Supplier guidance documents

2. Perform a comprehensive clean down of the premises

  • Wipe down any bottles and all surfaces.
  • Remove any perishable items and food that may go to waste.
  • Wipe draught taps with soapy warm water.
  • Sanitise bar and table tops, allow them to air dry.
  • Remove any dirty cloths and linens for washing.
  • Empty all bins, give them a rinse and put all bags in the bin.
  • Run all equipment through the glass/dishwasher.
  • Run through a typical kitchen deep-clean.
  • Clean down your glass/dishwasher and drain.
  • Empty, clean and turn off your ice machines.

3. Clean postmix equipment

(Advice for guidance only, please consult guidance specific to your equipment)

  • Turn off CO2 and water supply, leave power on.
  • Remove, clean and dry all dispense nozzles and diffusers.
  • Clean the valves.
  • Flush all drip trays with clean water.
  • Refit all nozzles and diffusers – don’t leave in ‘soak’.
  • Dispense heads can be turned off in the normal way.

Supplier guidance documents

4. Manage and secure your stock

  • Take a full stock check.
  • Remove short dated stock and perishable products.
  • Seal open spirit bottles.
  • Empty fridges, turn off and clean.
  • Move stock to a secure space and secure cellar.
  • Security and safety checks
  • Remove all money and valuables from the site.
  • Secure any outside furniture, ideally bringing it inside.
  • Leave tills clearly open.
  • Turn off heating and air-conditioning, disable any timers.
  • Turn off water and gas mains.
  • Turn off all electrics not required.

5. The final few things

  • Make a note of all current meter readings
  • Add a note to your door.
  • Update your website and online listings with closed hours.
  • Update answering machine, social media and email out-of-office.
  • Fully secure the site and set alarms.

6. Consider if you…

  • Should give notice to a supplier, landlord or insurer that your premises will be closed.
  • Have any scheduled deliveries or appointments that need to be rescheduled.
  • Could start a delivery service in the interim.
  • Can offer food box delivery or offer essentials and items you can get through your wholesale suppliers.
  • Could offer gift vouchers for those that want to support your business.

For updates on the developing situation surrounding COVID-19, please take a look at our live updates page. Please share any further advice we may have missed in the comments below.

Download this page as a printable checklist:

Download checklist


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