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Mr Wylde gives us the low down of his time at Craft Beer Rising 2016

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It’s just a week on from Craft Beer Rising and I’m still filled with excitement and wonder with the whole event!  Now in its 4th year it got a whole lot bigger taking double the space and boy did they use it, well over 150 breweries showcasing there range plus for the 1st time a dedicated space to Cyder “Lost in Cyder Space” genius!

Now my time there was split as again we decided to stick our flag in the ground and raised the Boutique Beers banner to showcase our extensive range of “insert words like, craft, artisan, and specialty here” beers.  The trade session attracted over 1000 people from all corners of the country looking to either sell or buy beer and our stand was no different.

Part of me had that moment of  'is this what being a celebrity is like?' as I toured the building sporting a Matthew Clark / Boutique Beers uniform, suppliers would stop you, stick a beer in one hand and a business card in the other, desperate for attention.

Is this the sign of things to come, have we turned a corner and are now the go to supplier for craft beer, I hope so because the work the team have put in over the last few years to get to this point has been worthwhile if so!  Did I drink any beer? Well you know the one about a bear in the woods right? My 'sampling' was all part of the experience and the chance to see what is hot right now, and I can tell you fruit infused IPA’s, Lemon Gose and Rioja barrel aged beers were among some of the standout beers for me.

So, was this just a day out on a jolly? No, because as I write this today our updated Boutique Beers brochure goes to print with some shiny new additions including By the Horns from London, Rothhammer from Chile and my personal favourite (not solely because I met the founder / head brewer) Crazy Mountain from Denver, Colorado who produced one of the best draught Pilsners I have tasted!

Well that’s enough from me, stayed tuned as next time I will give you the low down on St Pats, what’s it all about and how can venues take advantage of this iconic day!


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