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Why attend a cocktail workshop?

Cocktail Martini

The latest CGA report suggests that staff struggling with cocktails, too many examples of poor cocktails and ‘gimmicky’ serves are the biggest issues for consumers tempted by, but not purchasing cocktails.

With the correct training, as an industry we can work to bring back this 62% of consumers who have drank cocktails and are open to buying them again. Cocktails done right demand a higher price tag, and therefore higher margins and more profits for you. The added theatre of a cocktail serve also creates an experience that can’t be replicated at home, bringing people back to your outlet.

“As the cocktail market in the UK continues to expand, it is increasingly important for licensees to take advantage of the significant revenue opportunity that this represents”, says our Spirits Controller Ceri Lewis adding, “our ongoing cocktail agenda for 2018 has been created to provide the right platforms, training and education to help achieve this”.

Over the course of January and February, we are running 12 workshops across 12 cities. We want your outlet thriving, so if you are ready to increase footfall in your venue, drive more profits and expand your cocktail knowledge then it would be great to see you or a member of your team at one of these events.

Topics covered in our workshops include the commercial benefits of making cocktails, which will look at the costs of producing a cocktail and how to calculate your selling price to maximise your profits. We will also cover getting the correct range for your outlet alongside the basics of making a cocktail, the equipment, extending a drink and much more.

Cocktails have proven to be a hugely beneficial addition to your drinks range. They can differentiate you from your competition and increase your customers spend per head. For this to happen though they should be produced and served perfectly. Whether you’re just starting out with cocktails or you’re looking to accelerate sales, these hands-on workshops are the perfect starting points.

What’s more, why not apply what you learn at one of our workshop sessions to enter into our STIR IT UP cocktail competition? The competition winner’s creation will receive ‘hero status’ across Matthew Clark summer cocktail communications, as well as a five-night VIP trip to the US stopping by Chicago and Louisville, the birthplace of bourbon, hosted by Maker’s Mark, Jim Beam and Knob Creek.

Head to our cocktail website to sign up for a workshop, and enter the competition from 29th January. We're here to support you with everything that you need to make your cocktail range a success, from free menu design and print and barware at exclusive Matthew Clark prices.

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