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What did I #uncover?

Uncovered Reyka Ice Sculpture.JPG

Suppliers work really hard to build concepts and ideas on how to support customers to drive footfall and margins. William Grants & Sons UK support Uncovered as it’s a chance for us to talk directly with retailers and hear their stories. At Uncovered Bristol Matthew Clark always show a passion for uncovering unique and interesting stories from the trade and we try to respond each year as we share that passion.

This year our whisky focus centred on The Balvenie. The Balvenie distillery prides iteslef on its handcrafted nature, and as such we’re working alongside Michel Roux Jr to shine the light on Britain’s leading culinary craftspeople at The Balvenie Craftsmen’s Dinner.

The Malt category isn’t just about a wee night cap. Through this partnership, The Balvenie has been showcasing food pairings and partnerships that put whisky within a different context and occasion It’s a great opportunity for the trade to look at their menus and see what enhancement and margin opportunities they can adopt from our ideas and pairings. Our Balvenie Doublewood 12year old is used by Michel Roux Jr to marinade smoked salmon. The Caribbean Cask 14 year old is a match made in heaven with a Shropshire Blue cheese, and the Doublewood 17yo fits perfectly with a range of charcuterie. At Uncovered we get to show and tell; the trade get to respond.

Uncovered events showcase a truly premium offering. They allow opportunity for customers to see brands as they should be and allow time for the all important decisions and consideration to take place later.

Themed areas allow one to concentrate on specific categories; Matthew Clark has really excelled here. This allows customers to compare and see how brands differentiate.

This year Hendricks Gin was encouraging the use of its famed garnish, the mighty cucumber. Hendricks is distilled cucumber and rose, and without said garnish its cucumber paring, it just isn’t at home. . During the Uncovered event, 590 guests delighted in our humble offering the mighty cucumber and we served over a 1000s tipples. Here’s to peculiar perfection!

Matthew Clark’s range of gins cover a large spectrum. Seek out their new Gin brochure 2nd edition; it has everything one needs to know on this classic contemporary and ever unusual category.

This year the team of William Grant and Sons UK asked themselves: “If we were a customer of Matthew Clark’s what would we want to see?” How do we bring some engagement to our vodka range which includes Russian Standard, Green Mark, Zubrowka and Reyka.

Reyka is from the land of Volcanoes, Glaciers and Geo thermal energy, Iceland. It’s made of the things that make this island unlike any other place in the world. We couldn’t bring a Volcano or a Glacier but we were able to demonstrate Reyka’s origins via an ice block which was carved into a Reyka bottle during the event, brining the experience to life for customers. I lost count on how many people actually stuck their tongues on the carving but for sure those tongues now know Reyka, how it tastes, the best and simple way to serve it, and why Reyka is so different. Our industry survives on consumers having great experiences. Our small engagement hopefully added an experience to Uncovered Bristol, after all the experience matters!

Rum has been close to my heart for many years, and category data shows an opportunity for Dark rums of late. Woods 100 is now in a new bottle, but still champions the same liquid at 57% ABV. Panama has been in the news lately and I #uncovered a 7yo Ron Abuelo rum all the way from this country that sits neither North or South America; flavour profile is Spanish and Dark in style. Page 50, within the rum spirit collection!

See you at the next Uncovered event!

The final Uncovered event will be held in Manchester on the 26th of April, click here to register.

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