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Top wine tech

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When you think of wine, technology is not a word that springs to mind but like the drinks market as a whole, wine is constantly changing and evolving. So with that in mind, we’ve compiled a few of the best bits of tech around at the moment that you could utilise in your outlet to really stir things up this summer.


Fizz on tap! If you’re looking to speed up service, reduce wastage and support the environment Frizzenti could be right up your street. If you came to our events this April you may well have seen these serving sparkling wine by the glass delivered from a sealed keg. Sealed means it’s stays fresher for longer and allows you to stop throwing away half bottles when the bubbles stop. Speak to your account manager if you are interested.

The Bermar Collection

Bermar’s unique Le Verre de Vin technology can also help you cut wastage. It’s a wall mounted preservation system designed to keep wines fresh for up to 21 days, allowing you to serve great by the glass wines every time. Suitable for still and sparkling wines and a doddle to use!


Have you ever wanted to pour a glass of wine without ever opening the bottle? No? Well the revolutionary Coravin system allows you to. Serve by the glass from any bottle. Invented to taste the wines your customers want, whenever wanted.

Virtual reality

For our events this year decided to launch our very own virtual vineyard tasting. The experiment allowed our customers to be transported to a fully immersive 360° vineyard environment. We then asked participants to taste through a selection of our wines, using tasting notes and cues from the environment to try and correctly match the wine tasted to the wine bottles in the winery and vineyard.

Stir up summer

This summer we are celebrating celebrate those who make things their own, the original and unconventional ideas, serves and people that make the On-Trade what it is.

Share with us how you are stirring up summer at your outlet with us on social media for your chance to win everything you need for your own gin festival.

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