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The only spirit made without heat

Gin Cocktail Mixed

Oxley gin is marketed as the first gin for true spirit connoisseurs. Made with an innovative cold distillation process, it’s only available in small batches. Only 240 bottles are produced each day, making Oxley a bit of a rarity. We caught up with Claire French of Oxley owners, Bacardi to find out more about the gin and the cold distillation process.

What’s the story behind Oxley gin, how did it all begin?

The creation of Oxley was the result of the passion to develop a gin reminiscent of the natural ingredients used to create it. Launched in 2009, Oxley took eight years of painstaking work, countless setbacks and determination, and 38 recipes, to produce this revolutionary new gin created in a way unlike any other spirit.

How would you describe Oxley gin?

It was the first spirit to be produced without heat, created through a revolutionary and patented distillation process. The process, cold distillation, allows Oxley to be made from fresh, rather than dried, botanicals, resulting in a fresh and vibrant flavour and extracting the best from the ingredients used.

It’s 47% ABV which allows more aromas to be revealed. There is a notable freshness on the nose. You’ll get clean, bright, lemon tart rounded aromas with juniper surrounded by aniseed and liquorice.

On the palate, it shows sweetness, alcohol and an elegant texture, rounded with the body. Flavours of citrus and juicy orange balanced with juniper and liquorice. The juniper is more dominant, filling the palate.

How is Oxley gin produced?

Cold Distillation uses a vacuum to reduce the pressure in the still and as a result, the temperature is lowered to approximately -5oC. The reduced pressure within the still means that the molecules that make up the macerated spirit (botanicals soaked in spirit) are no longer forced together by pressure.

Instead, they start to separate changing state from liquid to vapour. At this point, boiling point, the natural flavours from the botanicals (flavour molecules) are captured and preserved in the vapour and carried through the distillation process right to the final spirit. As a result, the spirit is reminiscent of the natural ingredients used to create it.

Cold Distillation yields incredibly small, very high-quality batches. This limited yield combines with handcrafted production means that the production of Oxley is one of the smallest single still batches made in gin at this time. As a result, each and every bottle of Oxley is numbered.

What’s the best way to enjoy Oxley gin?

We recommend 3 serves; of course a classic gin and tonic served with a pink grapefruit garnish. It’s superb in a Martini and can also be enjoyed on the rocks, also with a pink grapefruit garnish. Generally, it works well in cocktails a personal favourite being a gimlet.

Thank you Claire. You can find more information about Oxley gin here. If you want to stock Oxley gin, click here to place an order online now, or here to request an account with us; and don’t forget we’re here to support you with everything you need to ensure that your spirits range is a success, from free menu design and print services to barware.


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