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The #BBFest experience

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Last week we headed to London's Hyde Park for the first Boutique Beers Festival, a day filled with food, music, cider and of course beer! Here Mobile Bar Hire’s Steven Barrett talks to us about their experience.

“With average beer consumption decreasing yet craft beer consumption rising on a huge scale, it is no surprise to see that pubs, bars and restaurants are looking to offer the consumer something different. Knowing the market they serve, Matthew Clark have aided this progression by stocking a huge number of craft beers and ciders within their Boutique Beers selection and put on their very own beer festival in London’s Hyde Park to showcase them! Arriving in Hyde Park, we were treated to glorious sunshine which put us in high hopes for the day ahead. As we entered Gate 17 we were quickly scanned in with our tags, handed a wrist band which treated us to some awesome street food and a notepad to make notes on the 140+ beers and ciders we were soon to be sampling.

A great range of Boutique Beers were on offer.

The arena for the Boutique Beers Festival was awash with comfy chairs, sofas, bars, beer trucks and a stage – it was the setting of what was to be an incredible day. Our first stop was to Portobello Brewery, a team we have worked with before and sampled their Westway Pale Ale. Having chatted to the brewers, we sat in the sunshine to enjoy it and take notes.

Walking back to the bar, the sheer number of beers on offer was daunting, but chatting to the helpful guys and girls serving, it was easy to decide on which ones would suit our business best and got sampling! It was amazing to have so many world-beating craft brews on one bar from the likes of Sierra Nevada, Blue Moon, Vedett and Crafty Dan just to name a few.

Having worked through the IPAs, heffeweizens, pale ales, pilsners, blondes and porters on the main Boutique Beers beer bar, we then headed over to three of the top breweries in the country and their very own beer vans! Pilsner Urquell (arguably the best Pilsner in the world), Meantime and Brewdog had a range of their offerings on tap and bottle.

There were over 140 drinks to sample.

Next came the street food – a tasty halloumi burger and fries along with an IPA, couldn’t fault it.

Our final stop was to sample a whisky and beer cocktail along with some delicious ciders. Not being huge cider fans, it was incredible to enjoy the different tastes that were available with one of the stand out offerings being Thistly Cross Cider’s Whisky Cask cider

Overall, Matthew Clark put on an amazing event filled with knowledgeable staff, great drinks, tasty food and foot stomping entertainment which has given us the insight we need to move forward with their Boutique Beers selection”.

To learn more about Mobile Bar Hire visit their website. Keep up today with all Matthew Clark events here

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