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Podcast: Alastair Rimmer

Alastair Rimmer Winemaker Kleine Zalze

Welcome to this Matthew Clark Interviews podcast, where we sit down with the industries key figures. In this episode, it's Alastair Rimmer, the winemaker at South Africa's Kleine Zalze.

Kleine Zalze’s are known for their award-winning wines filled with a distinctly South African character, boasting lively, full-bodied flavours that reflect the local climate and terroir. Based in the iconic Stellenbosch region, the wines of Kleine Zalze are produced by a dedicated team including today's guest, Alastair.

Alastair has had a long career in wine and has worked in many of the worlds key regions. We chat with him about Stellenboach and his affinity with the region, what he learnt travelling the world making wine and about brand South Africa and it's future.

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