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Podcast: Alan Mahon

Alan Mahon

We've swapped wine for beer on this Matthew Clark Interviews podcast, to put some focus on the upcoming World Water Day. We’re chatting with Alan Mahon, founder of Scottish craft beer label Brewgooder which is on a mission to give 1,000,000 people access to clean drinking water.

Launched in early 2016, Brewgooder donates 100% of its profits to clean water projects around the world. Founded by Alan and Josh Littlejohn MBE both of which were and are involved in Social Bite a movement to end homelessness in Scotland, the business runs on a simple message of drink beer, give water.

To find out more about Brewgooder, click here to view their website. Click here to place an order online now, or here to request an account with us, and don’t forget to join us next time.

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