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Our 2017 Harvest Round-Up

Harvest Frost Grapes

It’s fair to say that 2017, has been a challenging year from a wine perspective. From the Californian wildfires, which devastated parts of the region, to frosts and heatwaves which spanned most of Europe.

We’ve summarised the Northern and Southern Hemisphere harvests, in two easily-digestible infographics. Turbulent and unexpected weather conditions mean that generally, volumes are down, which is expected to lead to price rises in certain areas, however, we can still expect good quality wines from this year’s harvest.


Northern hemisphere

In a nutshell
We can expect good quality wines from 2017, however due to limited supplies, we expect these to come at higher prices.

Southern hemisphere

In a nutshell
Unpredictable weather, resulting in early or late harvests means we can expect a shift in pricing as a result.

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