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Is that a sheep on my bottle?

Molto Negre Sheep Bottle Casa Rojo.JPG

In 2015 we predicted that 2016 would be all about fun; along with prosecco, craft beer and premium spirits, funky labels and quirky grapes were predicted for continued growth.

We all know that the UK consumer is becoming increasingly adventurous, playful and spontaneous, not only in its wine choice, but also food outlet choice, you can see this from the rise of casual dining outlets where emphasis is put as much on having a great time as much as the food being served. Wineries are responding to these trends with bright colours, eye-catching designs and more playful names on their labels.

Take the guys at Casa Rojo – these ‘wine designers’ take an innovative approach to labelling and develop the wine’s label with every vintage; so watch out for Macho Man Monastrell getting more muscular or El Gordo getting wider!

A wine label can also say a lot about the contents of the bottle. The Pulpo Albariño 29917 has a fantastic label featuring an octopus (Pulpo in Spanish) reflecting the saline minerality of the wine along with the food it pairs well with – seafood!

Not so much a quirky label, by an alternative bottle to the norm – the San Salvatore Pian di Stio Fiano comes in a 50cl bottle – the perfect size for sharing between two over dinner.

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