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Interest in cool climate wines hot up


Recently we reported that cool climate wines are hot for us, we’ve seen an uplift in sales of wines from cool climate regions as consumers increasingly seek out lighter and fresher styles.

In particular sales from New Zealand have grown by 13% so when we had the chance to catch up with James Dicey from Ceres we had to ask him; why do you think there is a particular interest in cooler climate wines?

“People are chasing provenance and cool climate wines are particularly expressive of where they come from and how they are grown. There is an honesty of expression, a clarity and a precision of the wines which you don’t get with hot climate wines. Cooler climate wines have to be made rigorously and with discipline so there are no small margins for error. “ James Dicey, winemaker at Ceres.

Find out more about the growth of wines from cool climates here. Want to try some of the great wines by Ceres? Browse their range here.


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